Opinions and Reliability

All opinions shared on STRUCKBLOG.com are my own (Anna Ruck). In sharing my opinions, it is not my intention to offend or insult anyone. I am sharing my thoughts for the purpose of providing information, reviews, or just for the entertainment of my readers. I am open and honest with my opinions and will never be compensated or incentivized to speak positively about any product or experience if I do not honestly agree. I also read blogs and seek reviews about products I am not familiar with, and I would hate to be mislead by a trusted source. If I do not like how a particular product has worked for me, I’ll let you know. In addition, if I am sent something for review that I dislike or do not find use for, you will not find it here at all.

Affiliates and Sponsorships

If I am sharing a discount code that is exclusive to STRUCKBLOG and its readers, I may be making a very small commission on the sale. Sometimes this is not the case, and I am simply providing a discount code that was offered to me to pass along to you. This is always disclosed, either way.

I utilize RewardStyle as my commission service to allow for quick and easy ways to shop. These shopping links use cookies, and therefore they appear on STRUCKBLOG. When you shop via these links I receive a small amount of commission, as something of a thank you for introducing you to the product. This commission is collected at no additional expense to you as it is provided by the retailer. This is alike the majority of bloggers who are compensated for their efforts via affiliate marketing.

If a post is sponsored by a brand or company, I will always disclose this to my readers directly in the post and/or in the caption on social media.

Authoring, Guest Blogging & Images

All writing published on STRUCKBLOG is written by me, Anna Ruck. STRUCKBLOG does not accept or publish guest posts.

I include the highest quality imagery I can on my blog and social media for the enjoyment of my readers. I work very hard to produce original photography and often collaborate with a few talented artists to feature the most captivating imagery I possibly can. For instance, all of the photography you see on these informational pages is by Red Lemon Art & Photography. I make sure to always credit photographers directly in the blog post, or wherever and whenever their work appears.

Please do not use any photography for professional purposes or material. If you would like to share any photos featured on this blog or on corresponding social media go ahead, but please be sure to link back to my blog or tag STRUCKBLOG via the appropriate channels. However, in case of any discrepancy, please do contact me and let me know about the findings. I will take immediate and necessary action, and very much appreciate it.