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  • struckblog-kingston-canada-eat-local

    Local Eats, Global Impact

    Ever since I’ve moved to Kingston, Canada, I’ve become more aware of local products and supporting the local economy. I’m not sure why this is; perhaps it’s the entrepreneurial spirit of this community. People…

  • struckblog-recipe-for-apple-brown-betty

    Autumn Apple Brown Betty

    Ah fall, the season where we come to accept that summer has officially ended. Personally, I choose to indulge in the fall fashion trends like layering (my tips for layering can be found in…

  • growing kale |kale chips |kale leaves |kale chip recipe |easy kale chips

    Urban-Grown Kale Chips

    I’m so trendy, talking about Kale right!? Or maybe Kale isn’t the cool superfood anymore and I’m behind, but regardless, I like it! You can too (just do it, it’s good for you, I’ll…

  • oatmeal chocolate chip walnut muffins recipe

    Banana Chocolate Crunch Mmmuffins

    Muffins Muffins Muffins! I love these muffins, they taste great and are so easy to make even I can’t screw it up! It’s also very easy to add or take away any fixins you…

  • struckblog easy mulled wine recipe

    Mulled Wine & Happy Holidays

    First of all, happy holidays! I hope you’re getting into the festive spirit! The decorations are up and the shopping is complete, so now it’s time to start drinking the wine, am I right?…

  • summer muffin recipe | summer fruit muffins|fruit muffin recipe|berry muffin recipe|blueberry muffin recipe

    Fantastic Fruit Muffins

    Alright, less drooling and more eating! I’ve been tormenting my Instagram friends with a sneak peak of these muffins, but I can’t share the recipe with you all until I’ve perfected it! Of course,…

  • easy potato pancake recipe polish potato pancakes

    Perfect Polish Potato Pancakes

    I won’t lie to you. These are by no means healthy, but oh my goodness are they ever delicious! There are lots of great things about being Polish (learn more…