Yesterday I really thought I was going to have to take a minute, walk out onto my balcony and just let out a crazy-lady, hair-tossing, let-it-all-out, freak-out-the-neighbours, scream. I think we all have those days, someone was pushy at the grocery store, another caused grid-lock, and I didn’t get enough sleep to begin with.

Sometimes a difficult day causes me to reflect upon the recipe of life, and the mixture of ingredients it consists of. Life is a balance of light and dark, calm and windy days, gloomy times and equally acute moments of joy. Wholeness in life is dependent upon this principle of balance, and the right mix of ingredients required for personal contentment. It’s unique to each and every one of us, is dynamic and ever changing. We all need different things out of life, at different times in our lives, and discovering what those needs are may mean reassessing the recipe. Growth, progress and improvement are dependent upon consistently exploring a harmonious mix, so we owe it to ourselves to jumble up the ingredients once in a while. It may be confusing and frustrating, but I realized that for me, it was absolutely necessary. Something was missing, or the proportions were off. Something didn’t taste quite right. The pot was overflowing and it could no longer be ignored.

I started STRUCKBLOG in February of 2015 to stir the pot, so to speak. To infuse new ingredients and add more of the ones that made my recipe for day to day life more fulfilling. In my opinion, to blog is to explore the passions you relish in, for me that’s some combination of style, fashion, travel, beauty, and food (of course). In sharing some of the things that I love I’ve infused my life, (and hopefully the lives of my readers) with an increased abundance of creativity, connectivity, knowledge and laughter. I’m striving to make that recipe as hearty and healthy as possible. For me, it’s integral to share the journey with those who similarly endeavor to create fullness in their lives. To seek this wholeness is to be human.

There is no crystal ball that can show us which risks to take, what decisions are best, and who we truly are. New combinations and experiences can be unfamiliar, unknown, and frankly, scary. But uncertainty can also mean being open to chance, finding new opportunities, and something new that strikes you. The value is in the journey. Sometimes the proverbial pot may need stirring, other times it’s simmering splendidly, but either way it requires continuous attention. There is only one of me and there aren’t enough hours in the day, so those hours need to count. I’m discovering what it is I love, what combination of ingredients feeds my soul and how to live my life feeling full and happy.

So, I welcome you to STRUCKBLOG, and to my unfamiliar, unknown, uncertain and unplanned journey. I’ll be writing about just that, my journey, which starts here with well, whatever strikes me.

Thanks for visiting,


Photo by Red Lemon Art & Photography