About Anna

Anna is a lifestyle blogger living in Kingston, Canada and is the creator and writer behind STRUCKBLOG. The blog explores a variety of topics, including style, beauty, food and travel. She hopes to infuse the lives of her readers with an abundance of creativity, connectivity, knowledge and laughter.


I’m in my late 20’s and that’s as specific as I’m going to get (never ask a woman her age, geeze). I am the founder of STRUCKBLOG and work as the writer and content creator behind the brand. STRUCKBLOG is where I chronicle the journey while sharing my passions and inspirations. When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me laughing, smiling and chatting. I love people and as I see it, blogging is just another way to connect with others around the world, and that connectivity is what I aim for as a blogger.


First of all – I am Canadian, and very proud of it. I lived in Toronto for many years but not long ago, escaped the hustle and bustle and relocated to gorgeous Kingston, Canada. My background is Polish and I speak it fluently. Czesc!


I started STRUCKBLOG in February 2015 very spontaneously. One day I was feeling overwhelmed, so I just sat down, started writing and let my emotions fly out of my fingertips. Suddenly the blog was born!

STRUCKBLOG is about sharing the things that bring me joy. It’s my happy place. I love to write about my inspirations, passions, and my life as a modern woman. I strive to do so in the most authentic way I can. I believe that to blog is to connect with others around the world and share in life’s journey. I enjoy writing and capturing something that has sparked wonder and delight in me, whether it be an experience, an outfit, or a beautiful place I have been ever so fortunate to visit. In doing so I hope to infuse your lives with an abundance of energy, creativity, connectivity, knowledge and laughter! This blog is my creative outlet, my motivation, my inspiration, and my journal. I hope that in creating and developing this blog, I can share my story as it unfolds and connect with others around the world who can hopefully relate in some small way. Those who are also unsure of where their unfamiliar, unknown, uncertain and unplanned journey will take them in life. But that’s ok, it’s part of the fun. I write about just that, my journey, which starts with well, whatever strikes me!


Yes! I strive to collaborate with fellow creative minds, entrepreneurs, and businesses on a regular basis. I am fortunate to have worked as a content creator, model, stylist, promoter, influencer and ambassador with numerous brands, both local and international. As of late, I have had the pleasure of working closely with community brand, YGK Studios, and have previously represented other Kingston businesses such as Mio Gelato, KnitWhits Couture, Downtown Kingston BIA!, Kingston Destination Group, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, and Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions. Recently, I partnered with national brands SUBWAY® Restaurants and the Campbell Company of Canada on two FoodSTRUCK posts.

Outside of this blog of mine, I’ve also had the pleasure of contributing to Refined Kingston Magazine as a style writer in their most recent issues. I have also worked with local television network, Station 14 Kingston on multiple occasions, as a part of LOCAVORE episodes where I have modeled and been interviewed as part of the series.

If you would like to send me something for a feature/review, or would like to brainstorm and discuss how we can creatively work together, don’t hesitate! Visit my Press Page to learn more about previous work, and email me to receive a copy of a Media Kit. I always disclose these collaborations with my readers and ensure that any experience I recommend is tried and tested, personally approved and is consistent with my authetic style.


I love thriller and mystery books, but I’m terrified and refuse to watch horror films. Living in the oldest city in the province really appeals to my love of anything historical, antique or vintage. I once painted my student-bachlorette pad almost entirely sunshine yellow, which is my favourite colour. One day I’ll be a good cook, I’m working on it, but I prefer baking. I love to dance, and it’s the only form of exercise I really enjoy. I need a bigger closet but I don’t own enough rompers, hats, winter coats & jackets (ironic I know). I love cheese, fromage, ser, queso…whatever you call it, I love it. I wish I could travel constantly, I am somewhat obsessed with natural ingredients and eating real food. I drink an incredible amount of water, as well as tea with added ginger in giant mugs that are probably for soup. I’m a neat freak, and I write everything down. I can eat ice cream year round, and I talk way too much, clearly.